30 Mantle Curio Cabinet wfco0010

$1,299.00 $999.00

This mantle curio display cabinet draws it’s appeal from tried and true traditional styles like the acanthus leaf accents, receded posts, gently curved shaped front and rich deep cherry finish. It’s not so tall so you have the opportunity to add a piece of art or mirror above.

L33″ W15″ H56″


Here’s a Story for you…

When I was a kid I knocked over my mother’s Royal Doulton figurine on the coffee table. The hand snapped off and the one finger was smashed to dust. Today my mother has a curio cabinet for her Doulton’s. In fact she has several for her collectibles (one in her bedroom, one the the front hall too).

The Doulton still sits on the coffee table with a missing finger to remind me of my mistake. Protect your collectible investment. save time dusting… and save yourself some childhood guilt. Darryl Sherman