Curio & Collectibles

Make a statement in your entrance area, or any other part of your home. Wilson Furniture is proud to feature classic curio and collector cabinets in all sizes and ddesigns.

We showcase over 30 cabinets at all times and have catalogues that will provide and endless choice for you.

Of course, all special orders are at sale prices. We also feature hall trees, hall consoles and some unique, one of a kind items that we bring to Oshawa from literally around the world.


Here’s a Story for you…

When I was a kid I knocked over my mother’s Royal Doulton figurine on the coffee table. The hand snapped off and the one finger was smashed to dust. Today my mother has a curio cabinet for her Doulton’s. In fact she has several for her collectibles (one in her bedroom, one the the front hall too).

The Doulton still sits on the coffee table with a missing finger to remind me of my mistake. Protect your collectible investment. save time dusting… and save yourself some childhood guilt. Darryl Sherman

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